Which Type of Wood Should You Prefer?

type of wood

The best wood for cabinetry includes several options right from oak to mahogany. But what kind of solid wood is the best suited largely depends on your budget and personal preference. The first which you want to know when going for home improvement is that the investment, they are making is durable, and will it really bring value to their property? So, what is the best type of wood that you should use for your kitchen cabinets?

Your kitchen is the focal point of your house. Hence, it means that your cabinets should be made of long-lasting, functional, and top-quality materials. Boxed cabinets are created low grade, thin materials which are teamed with wooden veneer. Cabinets created with hardwood solids as well as plywood and both materials depend on when you are choosing what is best.

Cherry, maple, ash, hickory, and oak

Cabinet doors are manufactured from solid hardwoods. Woods like maple, beech, and hickory will prevent scratching and denting at a greater degree in comparison to softer species like alder, mahogany, and walnut, but obviously they cost more.

Maple and hickory are examples of hardwood species used for cabinets but they are costlier than softer woods like ash or oak. Exotic woods irrespective of what the density is, usually costs higher than domestic hardwoods.

Some domestic hardwoods which are trend are cherry. It is subtle and has an intricate grain pattern which gives a warm and rich look. It is usually a higher price in comparison to domestic woods.

Birch, beech, and red or white oak

A commonly used hardwood by designers is the mid-range red oaks which are complicated flame grain patterns. White oak comes with straighter grains and is priced more than red oak.

Other domestic species are beech woods which have simple graining and birch has lines of brown and is tagged lowers than beech because of the easy accessibility.

There are also some painted cabinets you can see extra info here.

Walnut and mahogany

Other commonly used hardwoods are dark brown and rich walnuts as well as red mahogany. This wood species brings warmth while walnut which is the same in price and stiffness to mahogany adds elegance to cabinets.

Ash, pine, and oak can absorb stains while maple and birch can blotch when not prepared for stain. Cherry and walnut are famous for their colors when left as it is.

Pine and softwoods

Evergreen trees offer softwoods that are used for structural purposes. When used for cabinets, softwoods such as pine offer a specific look to cabins, cottages, and kitchens. Spruce and fir are grained but are tougher than pine. They are recommended for economy kitchen cabinet preparations.

Apart from this, you can also go for different kinds of plywood which are overlaid with hardwood veneers. There are different grades that are available for different cost and quality.

You have so many options of wood to choose from for your kitchen cabinets. So, pick the one as per your taste, budget, and preference and make your kitchen cabinets attractive and appealing.

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