What are The Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors?

With hundreds or maybe thousands of amazing colors to select from, no trip to a hardware shop can be complete without bringing in some buyer’s anxiety. Choosing the right color for your rooms can be a daunting and frustrating job, especially when you are choosing your kitchen cabinets.

What are The Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors?

What are The Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors?

What if you go through all the pains of choosing and getting your cabinets colored and end up disliking the shade? What if you wish that you wanted whiter than off-white? People suggest that you can go for re-coloring, but trust me it is not that easy! Hence, in order to save you from all the trouble, you can just go through the popular suggestions given by the top interior designers when picking the perfect cabinet color for your kitchen: The first thing to remember when getting your cabinets colored is the amount of natural light your kitchen area receives. Opting for a rich dark grey and white combination is highly recommended for kitchen. Going for white on the upper cabinet and grey on the lower cabinets in the kitchen project comes out so well. The dark grey kept the design grounded and white upper cabinets and walls kept the space bright and full of light. You can go for a matte look to add a contemporary look to it. The shades are compatible with stainless steel appliances.

Crisp white

A crisp white is very popular for kitchen cabinet. It keeps the other design elements as a major focal point. Like if you include a blue burner with white cabinets, wouldn’t your stove stand out! It always ends up looking amazing.

Understated grey

With kitchens, you can never get bored of white and bright colors. It gives your cabinets a classic look. If you like to add a subtle contrast to your strong white walls, then going for a cloud grey could be the perfect inclusion. It gives an eggshell finish to your cabinetry and brings in the right amount of depth to the area.


If you need a slight bold contrast then go for dark blues. It brings depth and warmth to your space. Blue is an eternal color and helps in making a statement of its own.

Trendy Cabinet Colors

White and dark grey

Bring in a touch of sophistication to your white kitchens with dark grey. It is both welcoming and bright. Dark grey cabinets with white walls are a great combination. The colors are compatible with all finishes brass, bronze, steel etc. and go well with quartz as well as a natural stone counter.

Off white

Off white feels airy and light. It is a beautiful off-shade of white which gels in well with colored tiles and countertops. Being a versatile and neutral shade, it brings in great serenity. Choose a satin finish if you want a glossy look.


Grey isn’t just simple grey. You have loads of shades blue-greys, green greys as well as purple-grey, but if you are looking for a perfect grey which has a lot of gold, then go for greige (beige and grey). It tones your kitchen for a cooler and neutral look and is an amazing shade to complement several things.

If you are having a hard time to decide what could be the best option for you, we are here to help. As Express Kitchen & Bath, we are always on top of the trend, always continue to expand and improve our product range with different style and color cabinets. If you want to have more information about our showroom, you can book your appointment or give us a call from (201) 758-1558. We will be more than happy to help.