The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in a home. It’s used for preparing food and it also provides an opportunity to bond with family, friends, and guests. Kitchen remodels are popular as they provide homeowners with an opportunity to update their space without breaking the bank. However, before you start your project there are important things that you should consider when renovating your kitchen. In this blog, we will talk about them and give you some expert tips.

Keep Your Design Stylish but Functional

Kitchens are now being built with a focus on living the space not only for eating but also as an area to entertain guests. You should design your kitchen so that it is both stylish and functional. Your kitchen should be functional, easy to use, and efficient. You don’t want your kitchen to become dated and completely out of sync with the rest of your property, so you should plan to renovate it after a period of time. It would be best if you also consider the type, location, and size of your rental property. The things that go into renovating your kitchen all work to determine the course of action you want to take.

When renovating your kitchen, keep in mind that the cabinets, countertops, and decorations will vary from one person to the next. There are many choices to be made when choosing what type of cabinetry you want in your renovated kitchen, so it can be difficult to know where to start. But we can help you! If you like an industrial modern look, we have more contemporary styles that fit your needs. Alternatively, if a classic or country style is what you’re after, our offerings range from sleek and simple to intricate with a little more detail. 

There are many factors that will affect the style of your kitchen. Of course, there’s one more important step here. To start your renovation journey, it’s important to know what you like. That is why we provide our gallery to help with this process. When you go to our gallery, you can also see a variety of cabinet makers we work with. In our gallery, you will be able to see different styles in terms of colors, stains, and so on. You will be able to browse those different styles. You can think of our gallery as an idea book where you will be able to get ideas from in order to feel which type of end-look you desire. After you see what you may like, you can just tell us so that we can start from there. This process is a helpful starting point.

Evaluate Needs and Wants

When renovating your kitchen, it can be tempting to buy all new appliances and gadgets. However, do you need a 120 cubic feet fridge with 36-bottles of wine? How about that trash compactor? Unless you are a wine connoisseur, the wine fridge will end up being an unused, wasted investment. Quality pieces are strongly recommended as they can also serve multiple purposes. Make a list of your wants and needs before making any major decisions with regard to the renovations. Consider which aspects of the kitchen are non-negotiable and which can be deferred until you are in a better financial situation.

Incorporate modern and energy-efficient appliances in your renovation

Choose Eco-Friendly Materials

Major appliances are the only things that will make your kitchen stand out. We advise that you invest in the best ones, as they will prove to be beneficial. Choose mid-priced appliances. The most expensive kitchens will attract tenants, but most of them may be unable to afford the rent. And if you purchase cheaper models, it means they are more susceptible to breaking and repairs. That is because cheap appliances break down faster. When installing new kitchen appliances, one of the first considerations you need to make is energy efficiency. Prospective tenants will find that your property is energy efficient, which means their energy bills are less. Also, choose built-in appliances over free-standing ones. It is easier to clean them than the free-standing ones that have hard-to-reach areas. Upgrade your appliances from gas to electric. It prevents the need for gas line rerouting and also reduces the risk of fire outbreaks.

The kitchens that we have they’re all eco-friendly, we call them greener kitchens. You will be replacing your bulky, awkward energy, guzzling appliances with energy-efficient appliances that cut the utility bill. You’re going to save a lot, you’re going to see from a building and then the kitchen that you’re going to get cabinet wise will be eco friendly too.

The kitchen that you’re going to get will be an investment, not an expense. Because our customers always say our contractors, designers, builders, they always say the same thing to us. When you renew your kitchen with anyone, that means you’re adding value to your house. When you remodel your kitchen, you’ll be selling your house more than you were thinking. Because the kitchen adds a lot of value to your house.

Choose Updated Cabinets

One of the most important considerations in any kitchen renovation project is to update cabinetry. Cabinets are the kitchen workhorse. They store everything from pots and pans to dishes and coffee cups. Cabinets also act as a backdrop for your countertops and backsplash. One aspect to keep in mind when updating your cabinets is being thoughtful about layout. Another important thing to look at is storage-focused features like shelves. Focus on what type of feel you want and then find pieces that match the style. Be sure to use plywood as cabinetry beneath the sink. Prolonged exposure to water will swell the material and degrade it. Place cabinets or other storage in the kitchen to provide plenty of space. When you renovate your kitchen, remember to get cabinets with many drawers rather than having three. Your cabinets should be tall and reach up to the ceiling. Drop Ceilings can help you to reduce the surface area for dust and maximize space. Deciding on the type of material for your new cabinets is very important. Textured melamine has many advantages over other types of materials. Similarly, it is important to use white cabinets for your kitchen. They will match all of your accessories. Dark colors will make your kitchen dull and gloomy.

renovating your kitchen

Credit: Fabuwood

The Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Let’s talk about the most popular kitchen cabinet styles. There are different types of kitchen cabinet styles like modern, classic, country, transitional, and cottage. Once again, we have every different option that you can look at and you would like to find out from every different price range. We’re definitely going to find the right kitchen, which is going to fit in your budget with the way you like modern, classic, country or transitional, or cottage. We work with a lot of different brands, some of the brands that we worked with; Fabuwood, CNC, Forevermark, J&K cabinetry, Cubitac, St. Martin, Star Mark. But all of the different companies have different options like pricewise, colorwise, door style-wise, that’s why we’re trying to work with different companies as much as possible to be able to give more variety to our customers.

Consider Changing Any Plumbing Fixtures and Backsplashes

Your kitchen’s plumbing fixture can make your home appear outdated or modern. We recommend replacing all the old, worn-out fixtures before renovating your kitchen. This will ensure there are no leaks and you don’t have to be concerned about how it looks after a few months. Install fixtures that have energy-efficient properties, for example, low-flow faucets. Invest in quality plumbing fixtures when you renovate your kitchen, they will save you money. Purchasing cheaper ones and replacing them more often will increase your frequency of spending on replacement parts. Also, consider installing wall tiles as a backsplash in your kitchen. They are attractive and inexpensive.

Choose The Right Countertop

When you are renovating your kitchen, one of the most important aspects of the design to contemplate is how to maximize the counter space. But countertop materials might be tricky and complex, let’s discover them in detail.

Countertops have recently gained traction as a significant kitchen consideration. Some people may be under the false impression that this decision is simply cosmetic, but countertop materials are far from superficial.

Engineered stone vs granite: In reality, there can be many factors to consider when buying working on countertops in your home. Granite is a natural stone, it is not man-made but engineered stones such as quartz are man-made stones, and they are also engineered stones. So, they took the granite, improved the things that you would not like, and they created an engineered product, as an engineered stone. You probably want to know more about the differences between natural stone and quartz. First, the resistance impact is a variable. That is all about durability. We can say that Silestone or other engineered stones have better durability compared to natural stones. Chemical resistance is another matter to compare. Granite is more likely to absorb some of the food or chemicals easily but quartz is engineered to be protected by those. Quick example, if you leave a slice of lemon on your marble countertop you will see that an acidic reaction is going to affect the marble’s look. You will see the lemon stain there forever and you may not want to see that. That is why engineered stones are more useful. They are resistant, they have high resistance to the chemical reaction. That also brings us to another subject, engineered stone requires low maintenance. When you are working with granite, you may have to at least make some sort of maintenance regularly every six months or eight months, or a year. It needs some sort of maintenance whereas the engineered stones do not need any sort of maintenance. You do not need to take care of your countertop. So those are the facts, of course, there is a cost related issue, granite is a little more economical compared to Silestone and prices are 40$ and 50$ for granite, but it goes over to $100 for Silestone. This cost is also related to the total square foot of your kitchen countertop area, if you don’t have a huge kitchen, upgrading from granite to quartz is not going to give you a big difference, when you’re considering your budget. If you’re looking for something like a 75 square feet or 80 square feet type of a kitchen, for example maybe a G shape or U-shaped kitchen, If you want to keep the maintenance as low as possible, I strongly suggest you go with engineered stones. When we are designing your kitchen, this is one of the cost-effective factors. And again, when you are calculating your budget, the kitchen cabinets’ door type and door construction are important, also, the finishing wood type is important.

Update Your Lighting 

To make the most out of your kitchen, you need to ensure that it is well-lit. A brightly lit kitchen will showcase design elements and also serve a functional purpose. If you only have a small amount of space to spare, recessed lights are an effective solution. They’re subtle and don’t take up space, but can provide both general illuminations as well as task-specific lighting over specific workspaces. Under-cabinet lighting can also make for great task lighting, banishing any countertop shadows. If your kitchen gets warm quickly and you have room for a ceiling fan, it can help cool the space. Going for style? Hanging pendant lights or a chandelier can make a strong statement. For example, placing lighting over a kitchen island can help create a welcoming focal point. If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, it’s worth considering installing LED lighting.LED lighting, which is now commonly considered an energy-efficient and reliable alternative to traditional incandescent lights, can use up to 75% less electricity and can last 25 times longer on average. It’s also well-suited for recessed downlights and task lighting, as mentioned earlier.

Also, Just because the contractor has started work doesn’t mean that your job is done. You will find that there are many questions your contractor may have for you throughout the process. When you start remodeling your kitchen, be involved so that the process flows smoothly. When you are renovating your kitchen, it is important to have an open mind about the changes. You may find towards the end of the project that what you planned won’t work out like anticipated. You must also consider your budget because this limits the features you can use.

What do we offer during the showroom appointment?

We will sit down together to discuss the details of your project. Your personality is the starting point because your personal preference and living style or even cooking style will change the way that we look at your project. We have 3D CAD programs; they are design programs to render your future kitchen. We will put your design details, your measurements, and everything on our computer to create your render. This render is an image showing your kitchen before everything got started. and that is how we visualize your kitchen and everything in 3d mode. And we will also have a chance to give it the color, lighting, flooring, and other things to make it as real as possible. All cabinet types and door styles are available on this software so we will be able to upload them on our computer and we will be able to give you a realistic type of render during your visit. Before the visit, it’s important to have some sort of rough measurements for the estimate. And when you just walk into our showroom, you will be able to get your estimate with this simple data that day, we will give you a 90%- 95% accurate pricing using your rough measurements. And that’s what you get on your design appointment, you get your estimate and you get your ideas, you’ll learn a lot from us because again, we’re talking about a huge showroom here, we have so many different samples, it’s going to influence you in a way that you always want to improve your design to create your dream kitchen. if you have something in your mind, any different ideas before the meeting, and it may completely change after the meeting just because we will amaze you with the products that we have that we can show you samples and then we can go from there. That is what you get during the appointment.