If you’re like most homeowners, you’re probably interested in keeping up with the latest kitchen lighting trends. After all, who doesn’t want their kitchen to look its best? In this blog post, we will discuss some of the latest trends in kitchen lighting. We’ll also provide tips on how to choose the right type of lighting for your kitchen. So whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or just looking to update your current lighting scheme, read on for information on the latest and greatest in kitchen illumination!

FAQs About Kitchen Lighting Design

Before you start your kitchen remodel, it’s important to ask yourself some key questions and make sure all of your concerns are addressed. This will help ensure that your kitchen remodel goes smoothly and that you end up with the kitchen of your dreams. These FAQs will ensure that you have all the information you need.

What Are The Finest Lights for Kitchens?

For safety and usefulness, you’ll want lights that offer ambient and work light. Accent lighting may be required to accent certain elements in your room, depending on your setup. Make sure you get lights with the appropriate waterproofing and durability for a kitchen, which may be dirty or wet at times.

What’s The Best Option for A Kitchen Light Fixture?

Consider the purpose of the lighting first. Then think about your home’s style and which kind of light fixture is the best match. Lighting also has a lot to do with it, as there are many different pricing options for lights and you’ll want to pick lighting fixtures that complement your budget.

What Should I Look for When Shopping for A Kitchen Chandelier?

Choose one that provides the right amount of light for your setting and one that matches your design aesthetic. You’ll probably have to browse numerous internet shops to discover the kitchen chandelier that’s ideal for your area, but it’s well worth it.

Is It Better for Me to Install New Lights Myself?

In general, anything electrical should be left to the professionals. If electricity is not handled safely, it can be deadly. An electrician will be familiar with how to replace light fittings safely. They will also be able to do the task correctly, eliminating any possibility of an electrical fire due to loose connections.

The Top Kitchen Lighting Trends

We have compiled a list of the top kitchen lighting trends for the year. From pendant lights to under-cabinet lighting, these trends will help you create a modern and stylish kitchen space. Keep reading for more information on each trend!

Industrial Lighting

Mid-century modern lighting is making a comeback, as are industrial-style decorations and kitchen illumination choices. The benefit of this style of lighting is that it may be mixed in with a variety of color schemes. If you’re going for a high-contrast palette, light whites and creams provide a striking contrast to the black iron design that is industrial. Even bright or pastel color palettes work well with these one-of-a-kind light fixtures.

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Credit: Forevermark Cabinetry

LED Strip Lighting

Strip lighting appears to be exploding all over the place these days. When it comes to styling a teenager’s space, I distinctly recall rope lighting being popular not long ago. While that rope lighting still exists, we’ve advanced to more sophisticated methods involving strips of LED lights that may be hung virtually any place. LED strip lighting is also appearing under kitchen worktops and toeboards, which is a more practical style. In some situations, this is a practical design, but it does have a little flare to it.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting has never gone out of style, no matter how trendy the rest of your décor is. In 2022, pendant designs are anticipated to be especially attractive. There are a variety of distinct styles when it comes to pendant lighting. People’s demand for environmentally friendly choices is growing, which means light fixture producers are becoming more innovative with the materials they offer. Many pendant lights are now available in a variety of sustainable materials, including recycled plastics and natural woods.

Functional Lighting

Not everything has to be over the top or flamboyant when it comes to inside design. Some of the most well-known styles are popular simply because they’re practical or functional. This year’s kitchen lighting is no exception. Many individuals are concerned with energy efficiency. As a result, energy-efficient bulbs, dimmer switches, and directional lighting are three common selections. These measures contribute to empowering homeowners to save money on their energy expenses while also lowering their carbon footprint.

Unusual Styles of Lighting

In many cases, people choose a no-frills, low-key look in their kitchens. The lightness and simplicity of kitchenettes and galley kitchens are appealing. Kitchens are generally used for preparing food and snacks, although some are the social center of the home—the party central. It’s simply not enough in these instances. Lamps are an excellent method to bring depth and culture to your home.

Don’t be concerned if you want to make your bedroom appear more stylish; unusual lighting styles are acceptable. Light fixture makers do not disappoint on this front, either, as some very unique and unusual light fixture designs are now available. You don’t have to have the same light fixtures as your friends and family. Be creative!

Sink Pendant Lighting

The emphasis has generally been on illuminating areas in the kitchen where people may gather, such as an island with seats or over the stove where food is prepared. However, interior designers are paying more attention to sink regions. We’re seeing pendant lights that complement the rest of the furniture and lighting in the kitchen rather than a dim light over the sink to clean plates or vegetables.

Chandelier Lighting

Chandelier lighting was once a popular style to see in high-end or ritzy homes. However, there are several magnificent chandelier designs available that are more cost-effective and can be used in a wide range of interior design ideas. Not only are glass and diamonds still popular, but there are several new colors and materials to choose from.

Multiple Types of Lighting

The objective in many types of interior design is to ensure that everything is the same or moves together. While this remains true, lighting trends are changing. In most homes, there are many types and styles of light fixtures. In the kitchen, for example, this is very useful. Bright lights may be used in regions where good visibility is required. Hanging lights with dimmer switches are also ideal for areas that don’t require as much light, such as a kitchen island bar.

LED Smart Bulbs

There are many different varieties of bulbs with varying light levels. Their temperature, also known as warmth or coldness, is another aspect that affects how they illuminate a space. One of the other will generally be prevalent in distinct rooms. The kitchen is one of those rooms where ice-bright lights can be effective, but also where warmer and softer lights may be beneficial.

If you have many light fixtures, changing the batteries in them is simple. With LED technology, you may still achieve the same look with only one light for the kitchen. You can buy LED smart bulbs and install a switch that allows you to adjust the brightness and warmth of your lights.

Metallic Lights

We anticipate more metallic lighting fixtures in 2022, with pops of brass, flashes of gold, and glimmers of silver. When combined with wood cabinets or matching metal sinks, metal looks wonderful.

The atmosphere of a space is significantly influenced by the use of light. Steel lights provide a refreshing and clean appearance to any kitchen. To create an interesting contrast, combine them with a warm-toned bulb.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas for Your Unique Design Type

Certain design motifs and floor plans are appropriate for specific kitchen lighting trends. A galley kitchen, for example, is quite distinct from an open-concept area, so the illumination should be as well. Here are some kitchen lighting ideas for certain design types.

Galley Kitchen

Galley kitchens, on the other hand, can feel claustrophobic if they are not well-lit. However, the right combination of ambient, accent and task lighting can open up the area and produce a pleasant environment. Ceiling lights along the whole length of the kitchen are a must to provide adequate ambient light and eliminate shadows in the corners. Track lighting or a chain of pendant lights are both excellent choices. It’s also critical to provide adequate lighting on galley kitchen worktops, which are frequently hidden by cabinets.

Install under-cabinet lights and turn your marble countertops, sink, and range into a lovely glow. Finally, accent lighting in the galley kitchen may add a touch of class. Rope lights along the top of wall cabinets create a more prominent look and provide visual appeal. Accent lights may be used to draw attention to the attractive aspects of the kitchen and give it a sense of depth in such a restricted area.


From a window or ambient light spilling in from adjacent rooms of the home, an L-shaped kitchen may have more natural light than a galley kitchen. It’s critical to properly illuminate the area between the legs of the L so that it isn’t constantly in shade. The kitchen should draw you in further. To brighten a perpetually dim part, consider adding an artwork illuminated by accent lighting. Recessed lights are ideal for the ceiling, and installing recessed lighting above cabinets can also help to brighten up that area.

Many L-shaped kitchens have an island or breakfast table on the open side. This is where you’ll want to install accent lighting that will provide a focal point at the kitchen’s widest point. You’ll also enjoy the benefit of a lovely glow while working on the island or having dinner at the dining table. If you want to go big, look for a chandelier or multiple-light pendant.

Open Floor Plan

The kitchen is an open floor plan and is likely to have a lot of ambient light, owing to windows and other sections of the house. However, making the kitchen feel like a defined space is one of the difficulties with an open floor plan. The first step is to evaluate the ambient lighting and make sure it is consistent throughout the floor plan. Install recessed lights in the kitchen and adjacent dining or great rooms. Use decorative accent and task lighting to define the kitchen area. Mini-pendants may be positioned above the sink or island.

The kitchen should be anchored by a chandelier in the middle and then surrounded with under-cabinet task lighting on the outside. It’s critical to choose attractive fixtures that complement the overall open floor plan. Choose something distinctive to distinguish each area, or go with a similar fixture style throughout the whole space.

Small Kitchen Lighting That Looks Just As Good

1. Add Colorful Pendant Lights

In a tiny kitchen, there’s always the temptation to keep everything bright, white, and light. However, don’t feel like you have to give up strong ambition to get a drab design.

An antique lamp’s structure is constructed of brass, with aluminum shade arms that may be moved for directional illumination. So it’s both elegant and practical.

2. Add Task lighting Over A Worktop

In some newer residences, it’s quite unusual to find a formal dining room. As a result, marble and quartz worktops make for the ideal location for coffee and cake or toast in the morning in a contemporary kitchen design. Whatever time of day you want to indulge, it’s a good idea to add some task lighting, such as a pendant, so you can see what you’re eating.

Traditional designs with a contemporary touch may be adjusted to change the height and modify lighting effects, making them ideal for dining tables and kitchens. Simply lowering or raising the light for intimate dinners or a larger pool of general light is all it takes.

4. Contrast A Small Pastel Kitchen With A Dark Pendant

There’s a tendency to avoid “unsafe” kitchen paint ideas when designing a tiny kitchen. While there is nothing wrong with a pastel design (who doesn’t love a pink kitchen?) There are many more possibilities than simply choosing one. While a black stool and small kitchen lighting design may appear to be too saccharine, toughen up the space with harsh stool and dimmer switches.

We adore the backsplash with mismatched decorative tiles, but the ceiling pendant light over the sink will make washing up a fun and boujie event.

5. Add Atmosphere With A Neon Sign

In the end, it all comes down to personal preference. However, certain kitchen styles are more suited to entertaining. For example, with a fantastic ‘Let’s stay at home’ lighting design, you may raise the drama in a tiny kitchen with a neon sign. It’s a great way to add color and style to your kitchen wall, drinks trolley, or home bar.

6. Mix Wall Lights With A Small Table Lamp

With the indoor tree, sage-hued shiplap walls, ceramic pots, and real wood chopping boards, a green traditional kitchen has a genuine biophilic atmosphere. On the other side, though, are the tiny kitchen lighting fixtures, which give the show’s garden-like atmosphere.

6. Create Ad Intimate Dinner Over The Island

When there is not much room to work with – materials count. When using a brushed chrome effect light over a tiny kitchen island, you’re making a statement. The finest of the best, this is a paradise for foodies. For date night or just brightening up a sleepy Sunday morning with an almond croissant and sharing a coffee cafeteria.

6. Add Strip Lighting To Cabinets

LED strip lighting is a simple way to convert your small modern kitchen storage into a multitasking tool that also offers ambient illumination. It’s ideal for chopping vegetables on a cutting board or cleaning up after supper.

7. Integrate Lighting Into Fitted Furniture

Shaker kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, so if you can’t have a big design, small components will work. The ideal way to begin your day is with this breakfast station and pantry cabinet with a stained oak interior. We don’t know about you, but the light that shines down on the beverage and cereal station makes it seem even more delicious.