Finding Your Style for your next Kitchen Remodeling Project

Everyone has a unique taste in style for their kitchen cabinets, countertops, or even their bathrooms. You may like different types of cabinetry but at the end of the day, you will walk out with just one type of style. If you like a modern look, we have sleek style cabinets that are going to support that look or if you more like a classic look or country, we can go with a more natural look with a little more intricate glaze. There are too many factors affecting these styles. Of course, there is one step a lot more important here. You must have a sense of what you really like that’s why our gallery is very handy. When you go to our gallery, you can also see a variety of cabinet makers we work with. In our gallery, you will be able to see different styles in terms of colors, stains, and so on. You will be able to browse those different styles. You can think of our gallery as an idea book where you will be able to get ideas from, in order to feel which type of end-look you desire. After you see what you may like, you can just tell us, so that we can start from there. This is a good starting point. We have 15 different cabinet makers as a partner, CNC,  Forevermark, J&K, Cubitac, and St. Martin’s. But that’s the good thing, having a big showroom gives us a lot of conveniences and also confidence when we invite our customers to our showroom to design their kitchens; just because we can provide you the flexibility to pick and see what you really like. Most of the small companies and small showrooms, are just showing you the samples, we will show you the real-life examples. On the other hand, what we do here is, we created the trendiest ones and the most popular ones to put them on display in our showroom. As a whole set, you will be able to see how drawers, pantry, wall, and base cabinets are going to look like. You will be able to see the whole picture instead of just seeing the door, instead of just seeing the sample, you will be able to visualize what we offer. It is always better to have a visualization. This could also be our website’s gallery just to get some ideas about what you like.

How to Begin a Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Door Types

When you bring your style and ideas to us, we will start designing with an expert designer from our showroom who will be helping you throughout the process. They will need some feedback, some inputs from you about what you like, what kind of cabinets you are looking for, what your style is, and so on. Use our gallery, and just walk into our showroom, we have many more to show you. So, when it comes to the cost, we have to understand the remodeling budget. It has many different factors depending on your selections such as kitchen cabinets, or countertops. We can say if you have $100; you will see that you need to spend $15-32 for the countertop and another $32 for the cabinets. When you continue, there are also installation, lighting, plumbing, and flooring types of different costs that you may have depending on your project. So, we will mention all those and touch them one by one to show you what the cost-effective details are. For example, let’s think about your door type. If you’re looking for something like a raised panel or flat panel there will be a different price between the two. The important thing here is, the expensive one is not always the best one at the end of the day. The cost is not always about quality, it can be about the style; because there are some cost-effective factors for the beaded panel compared to a flat panel. But if you don’t need any kind of a beaded panel in your design, you don’t need to go there and just go with their gut with the high-end one uses your flat panel cabinets is going to give you the sense of what you’re looking for, So we’re going to use flat-panel cabinets, it will work really well for you. In addition to that, if you are looking for a little more of a modern style, you do not need to look for anything else other than a flat panel or raised panel cabinetry. We can go with the slab doors, that is going to give you a slick and a sense of the modern look.

About Express Kitchen & Bath

For those of you who are interested in little information about our company, we are Express Kitchen & Bath. We have been in business since 2001 and we have two showrooms, one in New Jersey and one in New York. We are a family-owned business, you will feel the family sense when you just walk in through our doors. We think that affects our ratings very much, just because we have really good ratings on Google and other platforms that you can see as well. We are always trying to do our best to get that five-star rating from our customers. But if we have anything less than five, we will be the ones who are just going the extra mile and asking what we can improve to leave you satisfied. We are always trying to improve even our products and service process to deserve your excellent customer service reviews and ratings. That’s why it’s really important for us to monitor your satisfaction through our reviews and ratings. It matters what you think about our service at the very end of the project. Well, all our showrooms are conveniently located. We are right by Tonelle Avenue in New Jersey and 4th Avenue in Brooklyn.