How Much Would It Cost To Replace Kitchen Cabinets?

Home improvement is what everyone sought after. The kitchen is one of the home spaces to receive attention the most. Kitchen cabinets receive the lion’s share of attention because of their aesthetic and functional capacity. The most common question homeowners usually ask is whether to repaint the kitchen cabinets, reface them, or replace them.

Painting is obviously the cheaper option. (If you need extra information you can see our previous blog post for painting)Blog post: Painting 101

You may want to replace your kitchen cabinets for several reasons. These reasons may be if they are worn-out, old, or no longer adequate. The costs of kitchen cabinets depend on several factors. The factors, kitchen cabinet type, the material used, and kitchen size, the skill of a professional cabinet installer, kitchen size, etc.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Kitchen Cabinets?

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Kitchen Cabinets?

Everything You Need To Know About the Financials

The Average Kitchen Cabinet Cost

The average kitchen project may cost close to $1.500 for smaller kitchen sizes. And maybe as high as $50.000 for luxury kitchens. An expert design company like Express Kitchen & Bath can help you purchase your new kitchen cabinets and guide you throughout the project.

You can make the purchase yourself and then get the contractor to fix it for you. So prices are highly variable depending on your location. However, installation costs range from $500 to $2000. Kitchen cabinets often take a significant chunk of the homeowner’s to remodel budget. However, you can reduce this. For example, big-box stores kitchen cabinets are less expensive than custom cabinets, however, the quality is a big matter when you are purchasing your kitchen cabinets from these stores.

We will consider some of the various types of kitchen cabinets. Also, the purchase and installation costs for each linear foot of the kitchen cabinets.

  • Stock Kitchen cabinets:

A unit of the stock cabinet may cost between $50 and $600. Additional costs may include finishing. Stock cabinets are among the cheapest and most affordable options for kitchen projects. However, there is a shortcoming with stock cabinets. They come in predetermined sizes. So this might make it challenging to find the exact size that you need.

  • Semi-custom Kitchen cabinets:

This is a pricier option than stock cabinets. Semi-custom kitchens usually cost between $150 and $1,000. Also ready-made, they come in standard sizes. A feature that makes them better than stock cabinets is their more flexible options in sizes and styles.

  • Custom Kitchen Cabinets:

You can work with expert designers to design your dream kitchen. However, this will be another cost at the end of the day. As Express Kitchen & Bath, we can design your kitchen with our 19 years of experience, so you keep the designer dollars in your pocket.

  • Steel cabinets:

Steel cabinets average between $1,000 and $1,500.

  • Acrylic cabinets:

The most expensive option on the list, the average acrylic cabinet costs between $5,000 and $20,000.

Kitchen Cabinet Varieties

There is an average kitchen cabinet that can fit into any part of your kitchen space. So you can install any of the following closet varieties;

  • Wall cabinet:

These are usually located above the countertop, and they complement the walls.

  • Corner cabinet:

This type can fit into any corner in your kitchen. Most times, it may contain pull out trash holders. We also have another solution is called Lazy Susan.

  • Base cabinet:

This supports the countertop.

  • Utility cabinet:

This cabinet type is tall and narrow.

Costs Of Kitchen Cabinet Installation

For every linear foot of kitchen cabinets installed, the labor costs usually range from $50 to $70. This cost may change if the cabinet installer needs to remove/dispose of the old closets first before installing the new one. So you can find professional kitchen cabinet installers here to help you purchase and install your new kitchen cabinets.

Ways To Reduce Kitchen Cabinet Costs

You can save costs for kitchen cabinets by re-facing or painting them. However, the installation of new ones would always be better for an improved look. Also, skipping the wall closets for base cabinets instead helps you to save money while also displaying your dishes. So removing the old closets enables you to save extra costs.

Measurements And Sizes

To get a close estimate of your kitchen cabinet cost, you must be able to decide on the number of closets that you need. Sketch your kitchen and include allowances for windows, sinks, etc.

Then measure the entire height of the area the closet will be. So measure the kitchen walls from one corner to the other. And record these measurements down. Additionally, you must know the area size in linear feet.

Final thoughts

Newly installed kitchen cabinets improve the appearance of your home. We spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen, having the best closets should be something to consider. However, this will also boost the value of your home if you decide to sell it. Make sure your kitchen cabinets fit into your home décor as well.

The costs of replacing kitchen cabinets will always be worth it. However, an improved home outlook is invaluable. Having an estimate of the cost to replace a kitchen cabinet helps you to save money. It also makes sure you know and get the exact kitchen cabinet of your choice.

So, learn more about new and improved ways to give your home a look that it truly deserves.

As Express Kitchen and Bath family, we blend our creativity and the experience for every single project we start.

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