getting your kitchen
No matter how much time you spend with the design process, the finished kitchen may have one or more elements that are disappointing. The most costly of these are usually visible for all to see — it might be too small, the wrong shape, the wrong color, or just plain unimaginative.

But there are a few questions you should be asking yourself before the design process is complete — and if any of these don’t sound familiar or you can’t answer yes to all or most of them, then your new kitchen may not live up to your expectations.

There is a lot that can be done to change things but sometimes a complete redesign is needed — and that’s going to cost you! However, there are some design mistakes that can be fixed quite easily. The kitchen is one of the most important areas in a house.

Firstly, it’s where we eat and cook so this makes sense! Secondly, it’s also where we socialize with friends and family who come to visit. That alone can be a reason for getting your kitchen looking good even if you don’t cook at all!

A kitchen is also a place where we do lots of food preparation and storage which means that it has to be easy to clean and relatively hygienic. We don’t want germs and bacteria multiplying in our kitchens so we need to make sure our kitchens are kept as clean as possible. This might seem like a lot to think about but there are some easy ways that you can make your kitchen look good.

What Factors Affect Kitchen Design?

The kitchen design process is not an exact science; there are many factors that affect the outcome of any kitchen renovation or new build. The foremost factor is budget, but there are also things like practicality and everyday efficiency to consider, along with the aesthetics of the finished product. In this article, we will look at some of these influences and help you to better understand how you can achieve the perfect kitchen design for your home.

A Kitchen That Works for You: Open-Plan Appliance Locations

It’s all too easy to end up with an uncomfortable kitchen that’s expensive to run because you can’t use all of your appliances at once. You may have multiple ovens, for example, but if they’re all on the other side of the kitchen from your main working area then you’re going to be doing a lot of pointless running back and forth.

The same applies to your refrigerator, the dishwasher, the washing machine — you get the point! If all of your appliances are on one side of an open-plan kitchen then you might need to think again unless you like doing a lot of unnecessary exercises. Check out website posts for some appliances ideas for small kitchens to get you started.

Designing a Kitchen Island that Works

Kitchen islands are very popular but they can be tricky bits of design that need time to get right. If your kitchen island is stuck in the middle of everything then it’ll never work properly and your kitchen design will be flawed. The same goes for if you don’t have one at all — it’s not a nice idea but it can also cause the rest of the kitchen to suffer. If you don’t have an island then think about what you’re going to use instead.

The flooring is one of the biggest factors when it comes to how functional your kitchen will be; if your flooring is broken up into several elements then it’ll be harder for multiple people to work around each other without getting in the way. Think about what flooring works best for you and have a good look around before going ahead with anything.

Create a Space for Yourself with Cabinets

The layout of your cabinets is important because every time you open them, they’re like a giant flashing arrow pointing out your flaws! The most common issue is if all of your cabinets are stuck long ways along one wall — this denies you the chance to make the most of a corner or to position them in order to divide up a bigger space into different zones.

If you can’t put your cabinets between windows (or where windows will eventually be) then think about what’s going to work best for you. Make sure that there’s a good balance between storage and work surfaces, too.

Compose Your Kitchen Color Scheme With Simple Techniques

Kitchens should always have a strong sense of color coordination to help create a feeling of unity. If you’ve added in lots of different styles and colors, then the overall impression is going to be chaotic and it could also make your kitchen look smaller.

If you really want different elements without going into a complete design overhaul, then just choose carefully to create a sort of color theme. This will help to draw the eye around your kitchen in an organized way and it’ll also be more likely to work with both your existing decor and any future plans that you have for the room.

All You Need to Know About Your Kitchen Sink

You’re probably thinking that this sounds like a no-brainer but it’s actually surprisingly common to get this one wrong! If you position your sink near your dishwasher or washing machine, for instance, then you could be wasting time and energy by having to carry too much back and forth.

You also need to think about where your countertops areas this will help you to position the sink properly without it being difficult or annoying for you to use. Think about things logically and how you can put them to use. You also need to consider what will work best for your future plans!

Simple and Practical Floor Space Design

Kitchens are in a constant state of being walked upon so it’s important to have flooring that is hard-wearing and durable. However, if the type of flooring chosen doesn’t flow with the rest of your room then this can spoil things.

If you want an easy life when it comes to keeping things clean then opt for simple, practical flooring. If you want to make more of a design statement, which is perfectly reasonable for this room, choose something that will tie in with the rest of your room — but be prepared for it to take some work!

People are often tempted to buy a kitchen island when they don’t have enough space in their cupboards because it gives them enough room space to store all of their food. The problem with that is that your island will just become a junk collection zone and it’s likely to be extremely cluttered most of the time. Instead, use it as an extra surface for preparation or cooking — just don’t treat it like another cupboard!

Designing a Kitchen? Keep Those Storage Strategies in Mind

Kitchens are pretty much all about storage and there’s no such thing as too much. If you’re designing a new kitchen then it’s easy to get the storage right but if you’re just rearranging things then this can be trickier. The best thing to do is measure the amount of stuff that will be stored in your dream kitchen and try to find space for it. If this isn’t possible then get rid of something; otherwise, you risk making your life hard!

You might want to try out some of these DIY ideas for your pantry. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that everything has a designated place and try not to use ‘find another space’ as an option too often if you don’t want your kitchen looking smaller.

It’s almost impossible to have a dishwasher in most kitchens these days because they’re simply too small. Most homes are built on the assumption that everyone will be at work all day but with more wives staying at home then it’s now common to have a small fully-functioning kitchen. That means you need the available space for more than just your sink! A dishwasher can be squeezed in under most counters but it does require some precise measuring so make sure that it will fit beforehand.

Credit: J&K Cabinetry

Clear the Kitchen of Cooking Enthusiasts

Some people don’t like cooking in front of diners, particularly if there’s not much room to work. It’s just not the done thing! So you may be stuck with an open plan kitchen that doesn’t really do what it should. The solution is simple — close off the kitchen, even with a folding screen or some curtains.

You’ll be amazed at how much more comfortable it is to cook while having a conversation with your family and friends (who can sit in the dining room). If you can’t wall space of separate counter space for regular cooking, try to change the layout of your kitchen so that it’s closed off from the rest of the room. You could also consider putting up a folding screen or a curtain if just a few words on a piece of paper doesn’t work!

The Solution to Space Issues: Breakfast Bars and Formal Dining Tables

If you’ve got some countertop space outside of the working area (kitchen, dining room, etc.) then some people like to put in a breakfast bar or even an informal dining table. That can look great but there’s one problem — it means that you’re going to have to move all of your large kitchen appliances in order to use all the counters. The solution?

Put in the breakfast bar and put the fridge elsewhere — you could even install a small refrigerator under your stairs. That way, you can still have everything in one place but be able to make it work when you need more storage space!

Also, you can put the counter just inside the kitchen area and have one of your appliances under it (refrigerator, washer/dryer, etc.). That way, they’re still close at hand when you need them but out of sight for guests.

You Can Re-design Without Redoing the Whole Kitchen

Yes, you read that correctly. If there’s a specific aspect of your kitchen that bothers you and it’s not possible to re-arrange everything again, then why not take things into your own hands? You might prefer to repaint certain cupboards or switch out some stainless steel appliances — as long as you’ve thought it through properly and you’re not going to regret the decision, then do what will work best for your kitchen!

If a particular feature of your current design is irritating then change it yourself. Just make sure that you’ll be happy with your choice before making a final decision about anything!

The Importance of Good Kitchen Lighting: Bulbs and Appliances

Bad lighting not only looks bad but it’s also dangerous. You may still have working lights but if they’re not giving off enough light then you’re going to have problems with anything that requires some precision — chopping vegetables, for example.

That can be dangerous! Sometimes it’s simply a matter of replacing the bulbs but in other cases, there are more sinister reasons why your kitchen lighting is so poor — maybe you have too many large kitchen appliances that are blocking out the light. If you’re a great cook then you deserve to have some good lighting in your kitchen!

What should you do? Installing new lights is an obvious solution but it’s also possible to simply move existing lights to different locations. You might need to search for special lampshades that will increase the brightness of your lamps or just be more careful about where you put them!

Sunlight can be a great way to light up your kitchen so you might want to consider the option of installing a window that will let in more natural light. This can be expensive and time-consuming but it’s worth it if you love cooking!

Kitchen Remodeling: Take it Step by Step

Most people are worried that they have to have a degree in architecture or interior design, for instance, to re-design their kitchen. This really isn’t the case! If you want your kitchen looking good then take it to step by step, don’t rush anything, and try not to panic if something doesn’t work out.

It’s a great idea to get a professional opinion, but you don’t have to follow it. Kitchen design can be very personal so make sure that your decisions are based on what makes the most sense for your kitchen!

One designer might say that you should have wooden countertops whereas another will tell you not to bother. One designer might tell you to paint your cabinets white while another will say that this is ridiculous. So, take it all with a pinch of salt and just do what you think looks best for your kitchen!

Kitchen design is a serious business but it doesn’t have to be boring. The more you know about how the human mind works and where we see kitchens as being located, the better your kitchen will be in practice. Remember these tips when you’re designing or re-designing your own kitchen to get something that’s just right for you when preparing meals!