Different Kitchen Layouts

Your kitchen is an important place to get rightly done when opting for a renovation as you need to consider a lot of things. It is important that you get your dream kitchen done in the perfect way by considering the color schemes, details of the countertops and sink, and other things. But first, you should think about your kitchen layout. Here are 6 best kitchen layout ideas which you can use:

1- One wall: The one wall kitchen layout is perfect for nuclear families and small homes. Though it is a traditional work triangle kitchen, it maximizes space in a small kitchen. You regulate the kitchen to one wall and hence you open space of the rest of the house.

All Kitchen Shapes

All Kitchen Shapes

2- Galley: Though this kitchen is a think of the past, it continues to be in practice. You have several benefits to a galley kitchen. Firstly, it provides a two-wall approach to store things in a small space so you can have two parallel countertops and kitchen cabinets opposing each other. Everything you need in the kitchen is accessible on both sides. It provides a seamless work triangle if you have placed the appliances in the right way. For those who have a big kitchen area, they should go with a galley kitchen.

3- L-shape: In this kitchen layout, a normal work triangle is made from a constant counter space station on two adjacent walls. It helps by not just providing sufficient work area, but also opens to an adjacent room making it simple for you to interact with your guests while cooking.

4- L-shape + island: Any kitchen can be enhanced by using the right kitchen cabinets and décor. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you can go for L-shape +island for it. The distance between the kitchen cabinets and island is important and if you have an L-shape kitchen then you will enough space to include an island.

Kitchen islands can be created in kitchens of different shapes and sizes, but they look best in L-shape layouts. L-shape + island is ideal for houses that really want an island to work and eat but don’t have much space for it. It enhances your L-shape kitchen.

5- G-shape: If you have a big kitchen area, then G-shape kitchens are the best. A G-shape kitchen gives you all the advantages of a u-shaped kitchen along with additional space. The layout enhances your kitchen area and offers you a good amount of storage with an effective work triangle.

6- U-shape: For those who have a huge kitchen area and require space for storage, eating, they should go with a U-shape kitchen. It offers work area and countertops on 3 walls and you still can add an island in the center. All in all, it gives you the best of both worlds. You can use the kitchen to its full potential.

So, with the right layout and assembling of countertops and kitchen cabinets, your kitchen will look its best and work at its full potential. If you would like to learn more about budgeting or timeline, you can always contact us, get a quote or book your appointment to come and visit us. We are here to help. You can also learn more about how much does it cost to replace kitchen cabinets.