Choosing new kitchen cabinets can be such a hard decision to make because cabinets are one of the most important decisions you can make when remodeling your kitchen. Here are some things to consider when picking out your new cabinets:

  • Does the style fit my design?
  • Do I want glass or wood cabinetry?
  • How do I plan on using this kitchen space? Will it be for cooking, entertaining guests, or storing food and clothes?
  • What color scheme is the rest of my home in so that my cabinets will match well with what’s already there.

It’s no secret that if you want to have a beautiful kitchen, your cabinets are one of the most important design elements. They can take an average-looking kitchen and turn it into something spectacular with just a few well-chosen styles. But how do you know which cabinet style is going to work best for your space? In this guide we will cover everything from traditional cabinetry to modern frameless options so you can make an educated decision!

Deciding what type of cabinets to install is important. It’s best to choose those that are most functional for your kitchen needs. However, another important consideration is the style of your kitchen. There are three main cabinet styles that people use in the kitchen: contemporary, traditional, and transitional. Find a style that matches the look and overall feel of that you want from your kitchen. It’s important to think about what you want out of your kitchen before choosing new cabinets. You want to be sure that your kitchen cabinets blend in rather than stand out.

Here is the guideline where to start and how to pick the right cabinet!

Express Kitchen and BathCredit: Woodland Cabinetry

Choose a Cabinet Door Style

One of the first decisions you will have to make is what type of cabinet door you want. Do you want raised panels, flat panels or recessed panels for an elegant look? A great way to narrow down your options is by choosing one that fits within your household’s budgetary constraints and desired esthetic needs.

Find Your Favorite Cabinet Door Styles

Next, you will need to choose the style of your new cabinets. Before making a decision on your budget and door profile, decide what type of cabinets look best for your kitchen. So with your budget and door profile in mind, the choices get easier.

Consider Having Beauty and Functionality at the Same Time

When remodeling your kitchen for both function and beauty, it’s important to find a balance. Beauty is important when you’re designing a new kitchen, but functionality must be taken into consideration as well. Your goal is to produce a space which looks great and maximizes use of the limited square footage available.

Consider Your Cooking Habits

When considering kitchen cabinets, think about what appliances you use most and the tools required to prepare your favorite dishes before making a decision. If you’re looking for a kitchen to bake and cook in, there is no point in purchasing one that only caters to pasta dishes. Equally important, there’s no use having cabinets overflowing with kitchen storage if you always use the same few utensils for all of your dishes. Your style of cooking plays a significant role in determining the design of your cabinets. Before designing a new kitchen, it’s important to discuss its functionality level.

There are many different styles of cabinet doors as seen here from round door fronts to square ones. There’s even a mix of materials such as copper accents! All these options make it easy for you to customize your perfect kitchen look! The decision may seem daunting but by following this simple guide and letting us to help you design the space you wish to create, it’ll be easy and enjoyable.


Traditional Cabinetry

Traditional cabinetry is one of the most popular kitchen cabinet styles that homeowners love for its timeless look and classic design. This style features heavy, thick shaker doors with molding on top and a large center panel running down the front door, usually facing upward so you can see your lighting above it at night time. These cabinets are very durable because they include solid wood panels as well as plywood or veneer construction in between layers which give them extra stability and durability over other types of cabinets. They come in many different finishes such as white oak, cherry wood, mahogany, walnut or maple woods giving you lots of options depending on what type of cabinet may match your taste.

The Shaker Cabinetry

The shaker style is one of the most popular kitchen cabinet styles that homeowners love for its timeless look and classic design.  This style features heavy, thick shaker doors with molding on top and a large center panel running down the front door, usually facing upward so you can see your lighting above it at night time.


Contemporary cabinets are characterized by an absence of ornamentation and a simplistic form, with many variations in materials. Ultra-modern cabinets, like the hardware-free doors in this sleek kitchen, create an immaculate look. The modern style of kitchen cabinets is popular, which can be seen in more newly constructed homes.

Slab or Flat Panel

Today’s most accessible kitchen cabinet choice is a slab or flat panel cabinet. This style of cabinet is characterized by a flat panel that looks like it’s floating, or as if the door is made out of one single slab.

The benefits to this type are: they allow for your wall color to show through; you can paint them any color you want and they’ll still look great; installation tends to be easier than other types because there’s no complicated millwork involved (no crown molding). The downside? They’re not quite as durable as traditional cabinets with an edge profile.

Glass Front

Glass front cabinets are often used sparingly in combination with solid cabinets, sometimes backlit for extra drama as showcases for the good china, vintage Champagne flutes, cobalt glass collection or other decorative dishware.  Glass front cabinets are also a great way to show off the back of your built-in appliances.

The benefits to this type: They’re made with tempered glass for both safety and easy cleaning; they can be installed in any room, just like other cabinet styles; you don’t have to worry about installing toe kick trim or chair rail molding because there is no edge profile (the door goes right up against the wall). The downside? You may need additional lighting as these types typically do not come with it.

Raised Panel Cabinets

An update on traditional cabinetry, raised panel doors add visual interest at an affordable price point while still maximizing storage space. If your kitchen space isn’t as big, then these are an excellent option because they maximize storage without overwhelming your cabinetry design scheme. Raised panel cabinets come in both traditional white and modern colors like grey or black so it all depends on what kind of look you want!

Custom Shaped Cabinets

Also you can create your customized design according to your own taste. If you have a specific design in mind, custom shaped cabinets may be just what you need! This kitchen features different styles on each side—the right-hand side has highly decorative doors and drawers, while the left side has more of a modern look.

Rounded Corners 

The rounded corner cabinet is an excellent way to make your kitchen appear larger and less cluttered because they take up much less space than traditional cabinets. There are many different shapes available in this style so you can choose which one best suits your decorating scheme! This particular design features round door fronts with curved edges that soften the squareness of the cabinetry for a custom-crafted feel. You also have options when it comes to materials as well—either plain wood or any kind of material from glass or mosaic tiles to copper accents.

Options such as these will enhance not only how big and bright your kitchen feels but how comfortable it looks too.

How Much Does a Cabinet Cost?: Construction, Materials and Door Styles

Cabinetry is a major component of any kitchen. Whether you’re trying to do something traditional or contemporary, cabinetry can be expensive. The cost of cabinets is affected by the door style and construction. In this blog post, we’ll discuss cabinet costs and give you some ideas on what may work best for your budget!

What affects the cost of the cabinet is the door style. The cabinet construction, whether we’re doing all wood, if we’re doing particleboard, or if it is the flat panel, the raised panel, the slab, and the mullion door style, that certainly is something that affects the cost of the cabinetry. Whether you’re trying to do something traditional or contemporary or budget is certainly a big part of what drives.

If you look at all the finishes, materials, and different styles, it’s a lot to navigate through and almost limitless, that’s why it is important to work with a professional because we get that very much narrowed down for you. 

Cabinet construction can vary greatly depending on the type of cabinet to be constructed. What is chosen for decoration decisions, but also the availability and/or price point. 

Different cabinet construction types all have different pluses and minuses to them. Production cabinetry obviously going to save you money versus complete custom cabinetry. Then the face frame versus and the frameless, there’s a lot of considerations there, it could be a significantly more storage space especially in a small space where it makes a lot of difference, a little bit of space makes a lot of difference.

Then there’s the partial overlay and full overlay. Partial overlay where you see more of the frame, and full overlay cabinets can cost more with having more material in the door. The partial overlay is a price point cabinet and that’s where cabinets usually start. 

Also, we have finishes and it has different price points, styles, and materials for sure. For instance, a stain finish is going to be a lot more durable finish because of all the natural character of the wood and the color, it’s easy to touch up, especially if you have young children. As another style, stain/glaze gives it a lot more character or definition and it could kind of change on how a space can look. We have paint finishes that are always great, they are less durable, they are more difficult to touch up over time. Then paint /glaze/ rub-thru, those are something that kind of gives that antique look or that charm or character of a more traditional space. A stain cabinet will be less than a stain & glaze, and then the paint will be less expensive than the paint with the rub-thru and the glaze.

Those are all really important considerations, working with a professional will help to navigate you through all of those choices, and those decisions can really create nice accent pieces.

We have wood species as another selection option. We can touch upon the top 6 wood species that we work with. There are some woods that have much more color variation. For instance, the hickory or even the cherry and the knotty alder. The knotty alder is a character wood, knots are part of the beauty of what the wood is. Also, it’s really important to know that there are different grades of wood. There’s grade A and grade B. If you use a less expensive cabinet line more than likely they’re using an A grade. B grade means you will see even more of the color variation in it. If there are different grades of woods that all kind of builds up into the price point. You need to take a close look at these products, you can get an understanding because you may not necessarily see it just by kind of glancing or taking a quick look, especially if you’re excited about this and kitchens are very emotional. You need to make sure that you’re educated and you have an understanding of what it is that you’re truly looking at, exactly what you’re paying for. Because there are wide price differences when it comes to even the same wood species.

How long will kitchen cabinets last?

Each cabinet is different depending on their quality and construction material, but the average lifespan of a cabinet is about fifteen to twenty years. You should inspect your installation instructions before taking your cabinets out or moving them into other spaces as well! There’s a warranty on the kitchens that you get. We can just exchange amounts for you, that’s not a problem. If you want yours to last longer, then be sure to invest in high-quality materials! Also, you should consider doing a kitchen remodel every ten years. Like, if you live there for six years and then it’s time to move out or whatever, just get new kitchens. It looks nice when they’re all brand-new looking. You’ll have more storage space too because this is something that can be done again over the lifetime of your home – so why not do it? 

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